Where do you pick-up from?

We can pick you up from almost anywhere. Please note that there may be a small additional charge if we are collecting you from outside Colombo City, or from the cruise terminals. Drop us an email at cruise@tuktuksafarisrilanka.com if you have any questions.

Can we change the time of the safari?

We are happy to organise a customised Safari for you. Our Safaris usually start at 4pm because it’s cooler and the traffic is better. However we can work with whatever time suits you and we are noticing that day time Safari’s are becoming increasingly popular. Just drop us an email at cruise@tuktuksafarisrilanka.com for further information.

Can we make changes to the safari?

Yes of course! Please let us know what attractions you’d specifically like to see, or which you’d rather not. We’re happy to help you plan your ideal Safari, contact us on cruise@tuktuksafarisrilanka.com to get started on planning the ideal safari for you.

Do you give discounts for children?

Of course, children aged between 6-12 are half price, children aged 6 and under ride for free. Please just email us after you receive your booking confirmation and advise us if you have children (and their age) and we’ll amend your invoice.

How many people fit in one Tuk Tuk?

Two adults fit comfortably in a Tuk Tuk so your tour may use more than 1 Tuk Tuk. The price is per person, so you don’t pay any extra for additional Tuk Tuks. We have also found that we can fit 2 adults and 1 child in the Tuk Tuk quite comfortably, or even 2 adults and 2 toddlers. If you want to be sure, then please just check with us, by emailing us at cruise@tuktuksafarisrilanka.com

Are prices per Tuk Tuk or per person?

Our rates are per person not per Tuk Tuk. For a full list of our prices and the tours available check out our website http://tuktuksafarisrilanka.com/tour-overview/

What are your rates?

The rates for our standard Safaris are:

  • City Safari $US40 per person
  • Food Safari $US50 per person
  • Gala Safari $US60 per person
  • Custom Safari are dependant upon your desired time and what you want included.

What safaris do you offer?

We offer 3 standard Safaris:

  • City Safari – A 4 hour tour for anyone who wants to experience the city of Colombo.
  • Food Safari – A 5 hour tour covering the hotspots and authentic food stops (food included) throughout Colombo
  • Gala Safari – A 5-6 hour tour that covers it all! Yes food and drinks included!!!

We can also work with you to come up with your own tour, contact us at cruise@tuktuksafarisrilanka.com to design your own tour.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment in cash on the day. Payment can be made in preferably US$ or Sri Lankan Rupees. We will also accept any foreign currency if that’s all you have.

What should I bring?

There are a couple of things we recommend you bring for your safari tour. Make sure you pack:

  • Camera to capture all of the sights
  • MP3 player (android or iOS) to crank your beats all day
  • Some extra cash if you want to purchase souvenirs
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen (make sure you are protected with the open roof tuk tuks)
  • Snacks and refreshments (quantity will obviously depend on which Safari you are on)

Would it just be the two of us or would there be a larger group?

This purely depends on the amount of bookings on the day. We run our Safari’s regardless on the number of people that is booked in. If you want to be are, then just contact us at cruise@tuktuksafarisrilanka.com